Scouts Camp at West Dean July 2013

The Scout Troop camped for the weekend of July 5th to 7th at West Dean – the campsite of Chichester District. A great weekend was had by everyone. Congratulations to Simon Wright, who completed his Nights Away Permit at this camp and thanks to Nicky Poulter, who helped Simon with it.  There are more pictures in the Gallery.

Cubs Get Posh!

Cubs at Barnham had a seriously upmarket visit on July 17th. Helped by Dads and Leaders who worked there, Rolls Royce Cars sent a brand new car to Walberton to show the Cubs there. The Cubs were given a lively presentation about how cars are designed and built and were then allowed to inspect the latest product of Rolls Royce. There are also rumours that they were driven around the field in it. Our thanks go to everyone at Rolls Royce Cars who made this fascinating and unforgetable evening possible. The picture below shows the Cubs with the car. There are more pictures in the Gallery.

Barnham Wins District talent Competition

At the District Centenary Camp in May, 1st Barnham won the Leaders’ Section of Camp’s Got Talent with their interpretation of Synchronised Swimming. The Scouts and Cubs were also adjudged to be the best entry in their section of the event. A fantastic evening was had by everyone, which was only slightly marred by untold millions of midges who chose that night to do whatever midges do. The picture below is the trophy which we won. Well done everybody!

Scouts Win Dragon Boating Again!

Sunday June 2nd 2013

For the second year running, 1st Barnham Scout Troop won the Youth Section of the Charity Dragon Boat Racing organised by the Rotary Club on Chichester canal and basin. Watched by a large crowd, our boat beat 2nd Bognor Sea Scouts in the final by the smallest of margins – half a Dragon’s head. Congratulations to all the participants for their stirling efforts and to Simon for organising everything.  We all look forward to retaining our title against all comers next year.

The 2 pictures below are of our boat just winning in the final and the winning crew posing after their victory. There are more pictures in the Gallery.

Wood Badge for Helen Woolgar

We were delighted that Helen Woolgar was presented with her Wood Badge by the District Commissioner at the Centenary Camp at Ferny Crofts in the New Forrest. All Scout Leaders are required to undertake an extensive training course in all aspects of Scouting. When this is completed, the “Wood Badge” is awarded – this consists of two wooden beads on a leather thong worn around the neck and is a replica of beads from a necklace given to Robert Baden Powell in Africa.

Congratulations, Helen!

Below: Helen being presented with her Wood Badge.

Cubs at Barnham Clear Churchyard & Plant Tree

The Cub Pack at Barnham spent a considerable time during April 2013 clearing and tidying the churchyard at Barnham Parish Church. Before they started, it was in great need of attention; after they finished, it was a churchyard of which everyone could be proud.

When the tidying was completed, the Cubs planted a Beech Tree to celebrate the Centenary of Arundel and Littlehampton Scout District, of which 1st Barnham Scout Group is a constituent. A plaque was installed by the tree to mark the event.

Photographs of the work and the tree planting can be found in the Gallery on this website. The picture below shows the Cubs after they had tidied the churchyard and planted their tree.

Cubs at Barnham WWII Camp March 23 to 24 2013

We got to the pavilion in our world war two outfits.   It felt unusual seeing my friends like that.

For the first activity we put cream in jam jars and shook them vigourously to make butter.  Then, we used our butter, with eggs, flour and sugar, to make biscuits.  After an hour, and a yummy lunch of soup, bread and homemade butter, we went out on a long hike hiding ration tokens along the way.  We met in the middle and then tried to find each other’s tokens, it was so cool!

When we finished, we went to the park and me and the other boys played wars.  After that, Andy Kyte told us all about the war and we got to play with shell cases and an old bren gun.  Afterwards, we played 1940’s games like jacks, hopscotch and marbles.  We all did skipping; I thought it was funny when the leaders joined in.  We had a delicious dinner of corn-beef hash, bread, homemade butter and potatoes.  I had jelly and custard for pudding.  Billy went up for seconds, thirds and even fourths!

We built an air raid shelter for us to jump under in case of an air raid.  Then I tried to learn how to knit, I couldn’t do it so I learnt how to make a roast chicken with a tea towel and had some free time.  Then there was an air raid.  We got under our shelter, which was made out of tables, and listened to the war sounds.  The All Clear sounded and we got back out.

We played some more until the siren went off again and you could hear the building crashing down around us.  Then we resumed playing.  We played ‘Akela Says’ and ‘Zip Zap Boing’.  We were in the middle of the second game when the sirens went but before long we were back out and playing ‘Wink Murder’ and a story game where you had to finish the story.  Again, the sirens went off and we had to rush to the shelter.  The room collapsed, you could hear it.

The All Clear sounded and we got out and started packing up for bed.  When we were ready for bed we had yummy hot chocolate and biscuits.  We got into our beds and listened to a radio play called ‘How the whale got its throat’ by Rudyard Kipling and then it was ‘Good Night’.

Me, Ben and Daniel woke up and started waking everyone else up, including the leaders- Sorry!  We got back in our sleeping bags and had a worm fight where we push each other over.  After packing up our beds, we had breakfast, bacon sandwiches.  There was porridge as well but nobody ate it!

After that, we played ‘Capture the Flag’ and wrote a letter about wars before a quiz on World War 2.  Bryn won a jigsaw.  We stood in a circle and thought about World War 2 children.  Then we got our badges and started packing up ready for our parents to come and take us home.  What an Awesome Cub Camp!

Joshua Loosley

Scouts Geocaching

Geocaching is an activity involving accurate navigation in the countryside in order to find hidden objects. It is greatly facilitated by the use of Global Positioning System receivers, which calculate their location by receiving signals from a series of geostationary satellites. The Scout Troop has become very involved with geocaching. The Feltham Masonic Lodge has generously made a donation to our funds, which has enabled us to buy several GPS receivers for use by the Group. The photograph below shows a group of Scouts with one of the receivers and what they have recovered from a location.

New Village Hall at Barnham

We moved into the New Village Hall on May 7th.

With several times the space that we had in the old hall, there is room for greatly improved activities. We have a small room for storage and have recently taken delivery of four metal storage cabinets and four lockable notice boards. There will be one of each for each section – Beavers, Cubs and Scouts – and one of each for general use.

The first evening got off to a great start with exciting activities for Beavers and Cubs, followed by motor racing for the Troop. The photographs show the New hall from outside, the Old Hall on its very last day of existence and Scouts racing their cars.