Badge Guidance (Beavers)

A Parent’s Guide to Badge Work

Beavers completing a lot of badges or bits of badges during our regular meetings, weekend events, camps and sleepovers. There are some badges where this is not always possible so the beavers can work on these at home.

The following badges can be worked at home:

Animal friend – we can cover most of this with a visit to pets at home but not all, we will do a Pets at home visit approximately once a year.

Book reader – you can use your certificate from the library summer reading challenge to cover part 2 of this badge.

Collector  – talk to us about your collection at our next show and tell badge night.

Cook – we love seeing and tasting some of the things you cook, again this can be brought in to our next show and tell badge night.

Cyclist – if you can book on to one of Halfords free cycling workshops it covers most of this badge, bring in your certificate and a photo of you riding your bike.

Hobbies – talk to us about your hobby at our next show and tell badge night.

Photographer – show us the photos you have taken at our next show and tell badge night.

Sports – fill in this sports sign off sheet to cover part 3 and 4 of the badge requirements. The rest of this badge we will do at beavers.

Digital Citizen (stage 1) – complete this sheet and we would need to see your piece of digital media and your research.

Musician (Stage 1) – please ask your child’s music teacher to either write a letter or sign a copy of the badge requirements and then play us a piece on the show and tell badge night.

Snowsports (Stage 1)please bring photo of you taking part in a snow sport and a letter/signed badge requirements from your teacher of the taster sessions (badge requirements 3 and 5). How you present parts 1 and 2 is up to you.

Swimmer (stage 1 & 2) – please ask your child’s swimming teacher to fill in the sign off sheet.
          Sign off sheet: Stage 1  ¦  Stage 2


Show and Tell Badge Nights
Once a term we will hold a show and tell badge night where any beavers that have worked on badges can complete the show/talk to their lodge or a small group of beavers part of the badge. We will ask you to let us know at least two weeks in advanced which badge your beaver is working towards, this allows us time to order the badges and make sure we have enough time for everyone to show/talk about their badge.