Beavers at home

Updated: 20/04/2020

Raise a smile
Beavers please draw a picture, write a poem, or short letter and send it to Bubbles (beaver leader) at the address sent in email.
Bubbles will then send them to two local nursing homes. The pictures/ letters will be shared with residents and displayed in their windows helping to raise a smile or two during these challenging times.
If we get lots, we’ll also send some to Chichester fire station and police station. 
Email us a photo/ upload to OSM and this will count towards the Beaver World Challenge (requirement 2 ‘Help’).
Please ensure your child only writes their ‘first name’ and ‘1st Barnham Beavers’ on their picture/letter.
We are happy for siblings to join in with this, but once again only first names and age should be included in the picture/ letter. 

Nature Creatives
Take part in an activity using natural items, like twigs, bark, pebbles.
Some suggestions are pebble art, garden nature art, leaf/bark rubbings, dream catchers, natural weaving and leaf print mandalas, although not restricted to these. Here are some pictures to give you some ideas.
Hopefully you can find suitable resources around your garden. Please only collect things on a walk if you are already going out.

Jamboree on the Internet
This weekend (3rd to 5th April) there is special edition of Jamboree on the Internet (JOTI). This digital Jamboree features a whole range of exciting activities to enjoy from home.  Find out more at
A parent or guardian will need to register on behalf of a child younger than 13 years old, and must participate with them for the duration of the event. You find more about staying safe online during JOTI at
Participating in JOTI counts towards the Digital Citizen stage 1 badge… you may like to explore the rest of the badge requirements too. 

Bird feeders and bug hotel
Have a go at making one of these bird feeders or the plastic bottle bug hotel, or both if you are feeling creative. Take a look at the instructions:
Apple bird feeder, Cheerio cereal bird feeder, Toilet roll bird feeder
Plastic bottle bug hotel
This activity counts towards the Outdoor Challenge Award.

Phonetic alphabet hunt
Practise talking like a pilot by using the phonetic alphabet to create clues.
You will find activity instructions and resources here.
The activity counts towards the Air Activities Stage 2 badge.