Barnham Beavers Programme

19/02/2019No Beavers - Half TermNo Beavers - Half Term
26/02/2019Are we nearly there yet?Venue: SPH school Tonight we are working on the navigator badge, learning about maps & direction Log chew
05/03/2019Snap take a pick and tin can pancakesVenue: SPH school Beavers MUST bring with them tonight 10 photos that they have taken them self, we will be making them into a collage and finding out how cameras work.
12/03/2019Jamboree MeetingVenue: SPH school Tonight we are going to find out all about the international jamboree that two of our local Explorers are going to. This is a joint meeting with all 3 colonies. Opportunity to purchase Jamboree badges, bring £2.50 cash (per badge)
16/03/2019[Saturday] Chichester Canal WalkPlease see My Scout invite
19/03/2019NO BEAVERS No Beavers tonight due to our hike on the 16th March
26/03/2019How do you make a sandwich?Venue: SPH school
02/04/2019EasterVenue: SPH school