Barnham Beavers Programme

09/03/2021Knotsthis week we be looking a knots. you will need a piece on rope or shoes laces are ideal. how to tie shoe laces, so some shoes with laces please, Or a cardboard cut of a foot with some shoe laces and string put through. how to fold our scout scarf. this week i will be investing Darcy and Evan.
16/03/2021sock olympics you will need an extra pair of socks
23/03/2021Games nightfun and games
31/03/2021Art for EveryonePlease note this will be held on a Wednesday night with Walberton Beavers. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU SIGN UP BEFORE EVENT. this will be no cost to you but we are having to pay for materials per beaver which will be hand delivered prior to the event.