Barnham Beavers Programme

26/06/2018Rounders practise VENUE: SPH tonight we are going to practise playing rounds ready for our match agaist walberton beavers
03/07/2018Sponsored trim TrailVENUE: Murrell's Field, Barnham - Meet next to Barnham Community Hall
07/07/2018[Sat/Sun] District Beaver Space CampSee My.Scout invite for details
11/07/2018WEDNESDAY rounders matchVENUE: The Pavilion, Walberton CHANGE OF DATE AND TIME Parents are welcome to come and watch and support there team
17/07/2018Water GamesVenue: SPH School Tonight we are going to play some water games, Please bring a complete change of clothes including shoes and a towel Beavers may wear swim wear with a t shirt and shorts, they will need to wear shoes to play the games.