Phantom Scouts Programme

26/06/2018No Scouts this week - prep for Air RiflesNo Scouts this week - Leaders are preparing for Air Rifle weekend
30/06/2018[Saturday] Air Rifle Shooting and SkillsSee My.Scout event invite for full details
03/07/2018Trim Trail, BarnhamVenue: Murrells Field, Barnham (back of Barnham Community Hall) Fundraising event in support of Jamboree participants - sponsorship form to be circulated in advance
10/07/2018Event to be confirmedEvent still to be confirmed, i's to be dotted, t's to be crossed
17/07/2018Annual Water Skills Challenge@ Meet at St Philip Howard School @ 7.30pm drop off and 9.00pm pick up
Please wear full uniform, hoodie, shoes
Joint session with Ghost Troop Possibility Scouts will get wet