Beavers Cubs Scouts


We rely entirely on adult volunteers to lead all our sections and to be responsible for all our administration.

From time to time, parents will receive appeals for help. Please try to do whatever you can to ease the burden on those who do
volunteer. If you cannot help or your help must be limited, please think whether you can persuade friends or relatives to help us. We do appreciate that all parents are busy people and realise that everyone has both professional and personal commitments, but we are very good at working around these and fitting your help to Scouting around these other commitments. Without lots of help, we will be unable to provide the very best Scouting to all our children. Some of the ways in which you can help are listed below. In addition, if you have a particular skill that you could bring to young people – anything from knotting to rock climbing – please do let us know about it.

Some ways in which you could help:Volunteer

  • Leaders in Sections. Wear uniform and are required to do training.
  • Section Assistants. May wear uniform, but do not require much training.
  • Occasional helpers. We encourage parents to have CRB checks and become occasional helpers so that they can help when sections are away from their meeting place or other occasions when help is needed.
  • Group Executive Committee. The Group Executive Committee has many responsibilities – they are the Group Charity Trustees – and are responsible for many general policies and for fundraising.
  • Skills Assistants. If you have skills or qualifications in almost any activity, we would love to hear from you. Sailing, kayaking, rock-climbing, cooking, arts & crafts etc.
  • Catering. We often get involved in providing food and refreshments for our children at all sorts of events. In this area, Mums (and, of course, Dads) know best what children like, so please offer to help.
  • Secretarial and Administrative skills. Not all leaders are wonderful administrators. Having someone to keep records, order badges and generally look after administration can be a great boon.
  • Anything else you can think of to help the group.


Why not contact the Group Scout Leader to see how your skills can be put to good use in the interests of your Scout Group?   Please do what you can. Volunteering is Great Fun!